And now for a creature specifically designed to make those late night spelunking trips as irritating as physically possible.

Just some semi-quick landscape exercises.

Time for some fairy balloon monsters with attitude~

Got a bunch of projects in the works, but in the meantime, here’s a kitty to get you in the mood for spring (which I’m starting to suspect might never come here in Chicago). If it looks familiar, it’s because this is a redo of an illustration I did back in 2012~

Starting out 2014 here with a maneki neko! Kanji reads ‘dai-kichi’ or ‘great luck’.

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Nido mega post GO!!

Since I’m obsessed with consistency I also went back and gave a facelift to most of my other Pokemon- go¬†check em out!

My pikachu post mysteriously disappeared off my page so here it is again. D:


"San Salvador"

Written by: Giulie Speziani

Pencils/Inks by: Anissa Espinosa

Colors by: Kerri Aitken

Letters by: Roxy Polk

Been a little slow on posts lately but here’s a little collaborative project I helped work on recently- I did the colors!